Saur Cottages

Photographs taken March 30 & 31, 2013 (Please click on individual thumbnails for larger images)


About a fortnight back, I spent a week in Himalayas. My trip was coordinated by ‘Nature Connect’ (Facebook). Among the lot of activities, including adventure sports like white water rafting etc, which are possible while vacationing in Himalayas, one which really appealed to me was the opportunity for photography. It’s a beautiful place and no matter which direction you look at, you’ll find a beautiful frame waiting for you.

One such picturesque place is ‘Saur Cottages’ (Facebook). It’s nestled amid the green Himalayan valleys and has all the modern facilities. If anyone wants a vacation away from the daily hustle-bustle of life, this place is recommended. This place has abundant flora and fauna and therefore presents an ample opportunity for photography. However in this post I shall concentrate only on cottages itself. The flora and fauna will have to wait for another post 🙂

EXIF: Data available on request. Didn’t feel like writing the data for all these pics. 🙂

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