EXIF: Canon EOS 450D / Lens: EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Focal length: 53mm

1/400 sec, f/5.6, Matrix metering, ISO 200

Image converted to monochrome & Level/Curves adjusted during post-processing.

Photograph taken June 04, 2011


This picture was shot at ‘Sri Venkateswara Temple’ – Helensburgh, NSW

Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are also frequently expressed as having human form. Deities are often thought to be immortal, and are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions comparable but usually superior to those of humans. A male deity is a god, while a female deity is a goddess.

(italicized text source: Wikipedia)