A few bridges too close

A few bridges too close

I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to bridges. Bridges are known to be a favourite among photographers. However there seems to be more than their diagonal leading lines which attract me to them.

Bridges are very giant symbols of man’s conquest over elements. Symbols of human desire to reach what was earlier forbidden to them. Bridges are marvel of technology & engineering. Many of the bridges featured here are rather old.

My job gives me ample opportunity to pass below some of the famous bridges, I hope to keep adding to this post as time progresses. However, as I am new to WordPress, I ain’t sure what’d be the best strategy. Whether to post this as a separate page? Or to start a new blog by a new name (but then I’d hate to lose those who follow me). If I keep adding new pics to this post, would the people who have ‘liked/commented’ it earlier come to know of the changes. Any thoughts/ideas on this would be welcome.