Chilling out!

Chilling out!

EXIF: Canon EOS 60D / Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II, Focal length: 50mm

1/1250 sec, f/1.8, Spot metering, ISO 400

Photograph taken January 25, 2013


This picture was taken as part of a 52 week challenge of a photography group I am following on Facebook.

It’s almost end of the week and I couldn’t come up with anything remotely ‘chilly’. Its winters here and we have lot of fog. But I am sure it would have cut no ice with my peers in the group, many of which are Canadian 🙂

Thankfully I caught my 4 year old ‘chilling out’ earlier today. This particular interpretation of theme was also inspired by other posts in the above mentioned photo challenge.

I was fortunate to have the 50mm / f1.8 lens attached to my camera at that time. Later I tried improving the light by opening more curtains, however by then my subject had become more interested in ‘behind the camera’ process and refused to pose again 🙂